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  • Where can porcelain tile be installed?
    Walls & Floors Countertops in kitchens & bathrooms As fireplaces, showers, bathtubs, & backsplashes
  • What to do when cleaning porcelain tiles?
    The regular cleaning consists of sweeping and vacuuming, removing the debris, mopping and thoroughly drying the tiles. For deep cleaning, use mild detergents or floor cleaners to keep your surface shining. You could also use a scrubber if needed. Ensure the cleaning product is compatible with the tile you have installed. Protect your grout with a sealant.
  • What not to do when cleaning porcelain tiles?
    Avoid using cleaners containing acid or chlorine bleach. Do not use ammonia-based cleaners for regular cleaning. Do not use wax-based cleaners. Don’t use oil-based detergents as they may leave residue on the tiles. Avoid using harsh cleaning scrubbers such as steel wood pads or metal pads.
  • What does Bookmatched tile means?
    Bookmatching is the practice of placing two or more slabs facing each other, giving the impression of an open book. The bookmatch makes your entire wall or floor feel of a piece of stunning art.
  • Quartz vs Porcelain Countertops: Which one is better?
    Quartz and porcelain both are the best options for your kitchen countertop designs. But when it comes to heat resistance porcelain wins the race. And quartz can loses its colour as it ages, while porcelain remains the same throughout its whole lifecycle.
  • What can porcelain tiles be used for?
    Today, durable porcelain tiles not only line floors, walls and building exteriors. It can be also used for kitchen countertops, to cover and create seating areas, desks, tables and other furniture.
  • Can your Luxury Vinyl Planks be used in commercial spaces?
    Yes. Our Luxury Vinyl Planks can be used in commercial space such as office buildings, retail shops, restaurants, hotels, and more. Vinyl is a popular choice because of its combined with the many patterns and surface textures.
  • How do I properly clean and maintain my vinyl flooring?
    Our Vinyl flooring is not only a more reasonable price than the wood floor and stone floor but also it is much easier to clean and maintain. Use a lightweight vacuum or broom to remove fine dirt and debris that builds up on flooring throughout each day. Everyday cleaner and water work great with a damp mop. However, be sure there are no wires or stiff bristles as it can damage your floor. Finally, never use an abrasive cleaner, oil cleaner, and dish detergent.
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